The Yack of Parrot

Words by Shawn Lukas


Anyone who knows me knows I’m hor­ri­bly artsy—at least that’s what my neigh­bors par­rot gos­sips yesteryears. An ex­plor­er such as my­self must be held li­able for pok­ing or seek­ing to un­der­stand and sim­pli­fy things in the lab­o­ra­to­ry of my mind, yacks parrot.
From de­sign and il­lus­tra­tion to writ­ing and mu­sic, one may won­der if these dis­ci­plines com­ple­ment or com­pete with one an­oth­er. So I smile and say you can al­ways count on your tool­box for eu­re­ka, and be­sides, I’ve much learned to adapt for sake of great design.

My name is Shawn Lukas and I’m an Ex­pe­ri­ence De­sign­er from Jo­han­nes­burg, South Africa liv­ing and work­ing in Berlin, Ger­many at ThoughtWorks with a com­mu­ni­ty of pas­sion­ate, pur­pose-led in­di­vid­u­als from over all sorts of wa­ters, while ad­vo­cat­ing for pos­i­tive so­cial change.
In words of par­rot, I may be con­fi­dent to say I’ve been cu­ri­ous enough to hap­pen to work in the de­sign in­dus­try for al­most a decade. Nowa­days, I’m fas­ci­nat­ed by IoT and might hap­pen to be much cu­ri­ous about how hu­mans in­ter­act in the world.

­Grow­ing up in Taung has been the foun­da­tion of what would later be my cul­ti­vat­ed pas­sion. And though I’ve never seen the Taung-child in per­son, I have such vague mem­o­ries, like wan­der­ing in grandma’s store­room, break­ing and mak­ing things.
And so I moved to Jo’burg to study An­i­ma­tion De­sign and learned all the rules I wasn’t sup­posed to break. In be­tween means and in ad­di­tion to being a min­i­mal­ist and be­sides avoid­ing chit yack­ing birds, I have no doubt one of these days you’d def­i­nite­ly find me on twitter.