Book Titles Change Lives

As a kid I often imagined what laid between hidden pages of books I couldn’t afford to reach and read.

That sense of imagination encouraged me to improvise and write abstracts and affordable chapters in my head. Some chapters were lived and some were abandoned. Today I think of a few titles that dynamically wrote themselves. I came across The Leader Who Had No Title about four years ago. It somehow got me out of a leadership-by-role mentality and summoned me to enquire, cultivate, and nourish a leader I claim to have been buried within me.

I haven’t read Just Listen. Is this about forcing someone to listen while another delivers a pre-baked monologue? Is it about lack of silence? Is it for both people in a conversation who might be frustrated and tired of shooting words that pass through each other without the shield wisdom of really listening? In a world of i-know-what-i’m-going-to-say-next, what is the value of listening anyways? I seal a short chapter with Krista Tippett’s words of wisdom: listening is about being present, not about being quiet.

There’s a poem I’ve been putting off titled What To Remember When Waking mainly because it has interfered a great deal with my life by introducing a daily mindfulness meditation habit and a workout. It is the reason why I can’t sleep after 6AM. The reason I wake up to remember that I am alive; that we are alive. A reason to remember that every moment I have in front of another human being is an opportunity to embrace humanity. I tried hard to not find and read it until a few months ago. Never the less, it changed my life.