The Longest Week

To beat the longest week indoors is to learn anew making sense of mess behind any pastime.

That is, simply an attempt to make your own video game. The title in question is unquestionable and now in works as we speak. A so-called a smartphone-on-commute game to be played fairly by one’s thumb or a cursor while on a short break. But just for a sec, forget that this game was made in a week; forget wondering why it does not render on canvas; and just dwell into the unknown it shall and might become. Here’s my longest week calendar in short:

On Sunday I put my feet up and entertain the idea of making a simple responsive game, for people and the Web; between Monday and Tuesday I wrestle on paper, wiring and drafting possible rules for play. Wednesday was for keeping ideas in the drawer, I suppose. The last bit of the week was much spent on making sense of all the mess. I start small and simply dive into plain JavaScript and still build as I go. As of today, Saturday, the HTML document exists on this URL. It carries CSS maily for presentation and JavaScript for functionality.

But so why a week? Why not a month or two, perhaps half-year or so? Maybe because I was more than myself on vacation; I daresay I was not at my best to design and write code all because I was on drugs for being pushed under the weather by flu: thence came the blueprint under seven days. To beat the shortest of months shall be to write a small engine in JavaScript, in repository, and anyone may come in and test or play, perhaps contort their faces and leave as they wish.