The Myth of a Hybrid Designer

You wake in the dark by a heart filled with wonders and hustle your way to the computer.

You roll your eyeballs and clear your throat to let code quench your thirst—the very badass code yet to be written. Seconds stride, minutes stroll, and hours scuffle without a line. This is not always the routine you find yourself in. In fact, in years of Plain Text there would be no colors, no wordcount, no icons, and no formatting widgets to tamper with. There would only be a white blank page and your inner mission to fill it up.

But you are on a mission so you suck it up, then get to the kitchen and shoot caffein up your system. Another trip to the bathroom and then a shoot down. So what changed? You sit on the pot. You or industry? You contemplate. Have you become a hack? You long for a muse. In a twitch, you hit the lightbulb and buy time by logging in to your GitHub personal account. Maybe you could be getting more out of this for you have no repositories, no branches, no commits, and no pull-requests for reviews and merges. You keep calm and carry on.

Just write markup. Maybe a line. At least a tag. A character perhaps? Just write someting for you can always punch backspace. The publish button is near and you can always edit. Weeks come, months pass, and years go and you have always wanted to be a Hybrid Designer. Out of the ordinary you realize that your inner critic is the only shrink you’ve yet come to hire. The one whom you choose to let into your mind, your body, and your spirit. And it is by firing the critic that you begin to sink deeply into your inner being and flourish.