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If grand­pa was such a cute writ­er I’d copy­cat him for much a shy lawyer and strive to draw the reader’s at­ten­tion by all means. Oh yes I would, in full-blown styled text—all capitalised, ital­i­cised, un­der­lined, and extra bold. And no one would no­tice, for no one reads legal stuff anymore.
But I can not fuel my des­per­a­tion for il­leg­i­bil­i­ty and nei­ther can I feed bom­bast to leg­i­bil­i­ty. In­stead, I can only sim­pli­fy to the point where your dec­o­ra­tor sees ug­li­ness: a friend­ly ver­sion of legal writ­ing, for peo­ple and the Web.

With love, you may share bits of this web­site by any means; you may quote ex­tracts with at­tri­bu­tion to the au­thor; and if you’d re­al­ly need to cut down a tree, you may print out an ar­ti­cle or two; or even so trans­late those ar­ti­cles to your in-law’s tongue.
But sor­ry, com­mer­cial use and dis­tri­bu­tion of the con­tents of my site is not al­lowed. And sorry that there’s no sub­scrip­tion to new con­tent that might spam your in­box. How­ev­er, if you’d like to li­cence avail­able music for your pro­ject, you may email me here.

This site marks its 2nd edi­tion and it’s con­tin­u­al­ly re­fined for the sake of your ex­pe­ri­ence and my san­i­ty. It uses sans-ser­ifs for nav­i­ga­tion and ser­ifs main­ly for con­tent read­abil­i­ty and my custom face for com­ment­ing. The font sizes and white spaces are based on the clas­sic ty­po­graph­ic scale: pentatonic, a mu­si­cal scale with five notes per octave.
It will not win awwwards nor blow you away, but I’m pret­ty sure it will meet you wher­ev­er you may stand. There are no cook­ies and an­a­lyt­ics scripts used in this site.