The Blink of Cursor

Words by Shawn Lukas


Y­ou wake in the dark by a heart filled with won­ders and hus­tle your way to the com­put­er. You roll your eye­balls and clear your throat to let code quench your thirst—the very badass code yet to be re­viewed. Sec­onds stride, min­utes stroll, and hours scuf­fle with­out a line.
This is not al­ways the rou­tine you find your­self in. In fact, in years of Plain Text there would be no col­ors, no word­count, no icons, and no for­mat­ting wid­gets to tam­per with. There would only be a white blank page and your inner mis­sion to fill it up.

But you are on a mis­sion so you suck it up, then get to the kitchen and shoot caf­fein up your sys­tem. An­oth­er trip to the bath­room and then a shoot down. So what changed? You sit on the pot. You or in­dus­try? You con­tem­plate. Have you be­come a hack? You long for muse.
In a twitch, you hit the light­bulb and login to—and hello world! Maybe you could be get­ting more out of this for you have no repos­i­to­ries, no branch­es, no com­mits, and no pull-re­quests for re­views and merges. You keep calm and carry on.

Just write markup. Maybe a line. At least a tag. A char­ac­ter per­haps? Just write somet­ing for you can al­ways delete. The pub­lish but­ton is near and you can al­ways edit. Weeks come, months pass, and years go and you have al­ways want­ed to be a Designer.
Out of the or­di­nary you re­al­ize that your inner crit­ic is the only shrink you’ve yet come to hire. The one whom you choose to let into your mind, your body, and your spir­it. And it is by fir­ing the crit­ic that you begin to sink deeply into your inner being and flourish.