The Set of Goals

Words by Shawn Lukas


The day I mock-up what I claim to be a pixel per­fect comp for a web­site is the day I in­tend to break the In­ter­net. And yes I tried, just in mid-2015 and somehow Kim beat me to this. Then about a week later the mock-up was turned into code and boom! Re­al­i­ty hit.
From where I sat the de­sign was not work­ing at all. The Blackberry’s na­tive brows­er kept on break­ing or par­tial­ly load­ing. Lit­er­al­ly the brows­er was worn-out by this kind of RWD, and be­lieve it or not, its broth­er RRWD was to be on-call to the rescue.

­Fast for­ward few weeks later I join the group and take charge on what would be months of de­sign and code of the new ICRD Group site. Be­fore we made a move of push­ing pix­els around, like a game of chess, we laid out a few sim­ple goals be­fore us.
The first was to hon­our con­tent, re­al­ly the epi­cen­ter of the world wide web. Build­ing from con­tent out­wards meant say­ing no to tem­plates; no to Sir Lorem Ip­sum; and you must guess it well: no to pixel per­fect comps. And if there’s no con­tent then there’s no website.

The sec­ond was to pri­ori­tise text by treat­ing it as UI and em­brac­ing white space by un­think­ing im­ages, per­haps think­ing fewer and com­pressed. This leads to king goal the third, performance, i.e., shoot­ing for faster load­ing and smooth scrolling meant light web­pages and un­ob­tru­sive JavaScript if not none.
And with these set of goals in mind, work­ing aboard back and forth be­tween paper and the browser, wire­fram­ing and pro­to­typ­ing, might as well be what it took us to re­con­sid­er craft­ing rich experiences.