The Help of Hand

Words by Shawn Lukas


It might sound tried and il­lu­sive but I’ll say it any­way. I threw my scrawls into a hat and pulled out a font. And the last time I checked I was a de­sign­er not a ma­gi­cian, in spades. I think I did it maybe to in­dulge my cu­rios­i­ty and yours, sincerely.
It wasn’t my in­ten­tion to make a type­face, it was by ac­ci­dent. The minute I tried not to, the next I found my­self peak­ing under the sheets of my duct-taped journal and was tempt­ed to linger be­tween paper and my com­put­er screen, com­pil­ing a set of hon­est strings of characters.

On­ly I may choose to leave el­e­gance to pro­fes­sors and blow this horn by say­ing that my name­sake script is strange, for it comes from my own hand. Just look at it. What do you make of the n? There are char­ac­ters that seem odd on their own and pret­ty as a whole and contrariwise.
You might wanna re­flect by point­ing out the danc­ing of lig­a­tures, thriv­ing to shred the even­ness or ma­chan­i­cal rep­e­ti­tion that kills the rhythm of a writ­ing hand. To make sense of it, this is for those who rel­ish crafts­man­ship in the dig­i­tal realm.

Though I be­lieve this script might de­liv­er the goods under the care of a good ty­po­graph­ic eye, I’m pret­ty hum­bled to say it is not for love let­ters or to be vowed as large blocks of texts in wide measures. This com­ment serves as an ex­am­ple of what talk­ing about!It is rather at ease as notes that sup­port the main text or diagrams.
The ty­po­graph­ic bible mere­ly de­fines script as writ­ing and it goes on to say En­glish might be in need for a new word. Oh silly me, I guess it wouldn’t drain a quar­ter of an ocean to bor­row the word magic as a new word for script. But only for this moment.