The Way of Milky

Words by Shawn Lukas


To beat the longest week in­doors is to learn anew mak­ing sense of mess be­hind any pas­time. That is, sim­ply to make your own video game. The title in ques­tion is un­ques­tion­able and now in works as we speak. A so-called galaxy oc­u­lar on the web brows­er to be played fair­ly by one’s thumb or mouse.
But just for a sec, for­get that this game was made in a week; for­get won­der­ing why it does not ren­der on canvas; and just dwell into the un­known it shall and might be­come. Here’s my longest week cal­en­dar in short.

On Sun­day I put my feet up and en­ter­tain the idea of mak­ing a sim­ple re­spon­sive game, for peo­ple and the Web; and be­tween Mon­day and Tues­day I wres­tle on pa­per, wiring and draft­ing pos­si­ble rules for play. Wednes­day was for keep­ing ideas in the draw­er, I suppose.
The last bit of the week was much a work on a car en­gine: I sim­ply dive into plain JavaScript and still build as I go. As of to­day, Sat­ur­day, the HTML doc­u­ment ex­ists on this URL. It is hooked to CSS maily for pre­sen­ta­tion and JavaScript for functionality.

But so why a week? Why not a month or two, per­haps half-year or so? Maybe be­cause I was my­self on hol­i­day; I dare­say I was not The Wiz­ard of JS; all be­cause I was on drugs for being pushed under the weath­er by flu: thence came the blueprint under seven days.
To beat the short­est of months shall be to build a game en­gine in JavaScript, in repos­i­to­ry, and any­one may come in and test or play, per­haps con­tort their faces and leave as they wish. Best of all, I am well again and I shall be in and out of the garage.