The Act of Query

Words by Shawn Lukas


Ask me! Ask me the moth­er of all ques­tions so we get straight to the point. Ask me: what the heck in the world is dkosha? And whilst I an­swer, in­ter­rupt by ask­ing: what’s so spe­cial about it com­pared to iTunes or Spo­ti­fy or Bandcamp?
Then I’d have to buy some time by say­ing: that’s a very very good ques­tion; then I’d darn well need to an­tic­i­pate by try­ing to pitch and sell you the dream first; and then I’d wish—in my psyche—that you could’ve saved the day by ask­ing the right ques­tions for my pre-baked answers.

But ask me any­thing. Ask me if it’s true that the word dkosha is dis­tilled from dikoša which means songs in Sepedi. Ask if dkosha is an app, site, or both, and whilst I scratch my head, chal­lenge me again and again.
Well, the quick and dirty an­swer is that dkosha is a South African on­line music store which sells local music to South Africans through top-up vouchers—no bank or cred­it card re­quired. It goes some’ like this: buy a vouch­er from your local spaza, top-up your ac­count, and down­load your fa­vorite song.

S­ince we learn that Mzan­si is at peak of An­droid de­vices, Gola and I de­cid­ed to wireframe and mock-up—for sake of mo­bile first—an app to base our pro­gres­sive­ly en­hanced web­site on. And the query now was: how can we build a light weight re­spon­sive nav for the Web?
It might be that these ma­te­ri­al pixel comps are per­fect, but we’re quiet cer­tain that they are far from per­fec­tion in the world as wide and un­con­strained as the Web. And the an­swer is yes! It is true of the name for we be­lieve that local is lekker.